Tara J. Boerner
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

 Tara J. Boerner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

    Specializing in Children, and Adolescents 


Are you in the wonderful parenting dilemma that we all seem to hit at some point? 

"How do I help my child?"

 As a licensed therapist, with over 12 years experience, I specialize in treating children/adolescents who present with anxiety, depression, and disruptive behaviors that impact their functioning in home, school, and social settings. I enjoy working with children and their parents helping children learn how to regulate and tolerate feelings (anger, frustration, sadness, and anxiety), manage challenging/disruptive/impulsive behaviors, and acquire adaptive, positive coping skills. I assist parents in learning how to regulate their own feelings and be aware of their behaviors so they can help their child.

 "Tommy's"(7)  mother, worked with me to reduce the number of tantrums in a week.  He was having 5-6 meltdowns a day.  After dealing with this for over 4 years she did not know what else to do.  "Tommy" was diagnosed with Autism and could not process his emotions.  His behavior was based on not being able to express himself.  Collaboratively we constructed a behavior plan, implemented a tangible reward system and the tools to better express himself when frustrated.  After 3 months, "Tommy's" meltdowns (kicking, yelling, throwing himself on the floor) decreased to only 2-3 times a week. 

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